Re-enrollment process

If you are a returning family please follow these steps to re-enroll your child for the next school year:

The re-enrollment process consists of complying with the required documentation and payment, according to the plan selected and within the established dates. The time frame for updating and submitting papers for the 2020-2121 school year will be from January 27 through March 20. Please submit your re-enrollment items on time as many classes are at capacity.

Steps to formalize the re-enrollment:

Step One. Data Update

This will be an online process through our digital platform Rediker. Each family will receive an email with the access link for each student. Additionally, the following documents must be attached digitally in the portal:

Step Two. Document Submittal

Please submit the following documentation to the Admissions office:

  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Certified and Legalized Birth Certificate (6th and 12th grade)
  • Medical Certificate (all levels)
  • Ophthalmological Certificate (Grades: Preschool, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 9th.)

Step Three. Payment

Upon completion of steps 1-2, parents will receive authorization to pay school fees. This payment can be in cash, bank transfer, direct deposit, or credit card.

New siblings:

Siblings of returning students may enroll within the new students process. Please click here to follow the new students admissions process.