Parent-Teacher Association


This community of MECS parents is a great opportunity for families to be able to participate in the school.

The main objective of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is to assist, reinforce and support the teaching and administrative work of the school, with the purpose of making a quality education possible for your children. It supports the school in accomplishing its vision, mission and biblical principles that sustain its philosophy.

The PTA is chosen by a vote in which all families should participate. The chosen parents will have a term of two years to represent the rest of the families.

The current Parent-Teacher Association is formed by:

  • Presidents: Francisco Portes and Esther Morillo
  • Secretaries: Harold Ochoa and Dafne Peña
  • Treasurers: Ransis García and Ana Bertha Núñez

We appreciate your suggestions and help in order to be able to serve and offer the best that we can to the school. Do not hesitate to contact us with any doubt, question or suggestion through the email