Taking into account that self-esteem has a remarkable impact on the way we behave before the world, it is important to take note of certain aspects within children where we can demonstrate if they are showing difficulty in this area:

They tend to avoid situations that depend on themselves, as unable to face up to the simplest challenges of everyday life.
The social environment is noticeably reduced, as they appear fearful and insecure within relationships.
The few relationships established, are usually marked by a deep dependency,
Delegates any decisions unto others when feeling unable to make such decisions, however, when required to decide or act they noticeably depend on the approval of others.
Is prone to use aggressive behaviors as defense mechanisms in order to avoid becoming aware of their own sense of inadequacy.
Is very vulnerable to rejection, peer-pressure or being manipulated by others.
Lacks trust in their capability to do things and has difficulty recuperating from their faults.