MECS Expected Student Outcomes

The Expected Student Outcomes -ESO- are statements that express the expectations that we have as an educational institution, for our students at the end of their school period. Next, we share the ESO’s for MI-EL Christian School.

1. Students who positively impact their environment with the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Testifying of their faith in Christ by sharing the good news to everyone around them.
  • Defending their faith when necessary with meekness and reverence.
  • Serving their community (inside and outside their church) with joy, using their talents to glorify God’s name.
  • Respecting authorities, recognizing that all authority has been given by God.
  • Obeying the laws and norms that are in accordance with the Word of God in the different scenarios they are involved in.
  • Taking a leadership role to promote changes and/or make contributions that benefit their environment.
  • Being self-aware, recognizing their strengths and opportunities under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


2. Students who establish God and his Word as a priority in their lives.

  • Finding their identity in Christ.
  • Using Bible study tools in order to interpret correctly the Word of God.
  • Judging everything in light of the Scriptures.
  • Practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, reading, and meditation of the Scriptures in order to cultivate a personal relationship with God.
  • Obeying God by living a life of purity and holiness.


3. Students who recognize the value of each human being as God’s creation.

  • Respecting and valuing human life as a divine gift.
  • Promoting love and respect as the basis of social harmony.
  • Valuing teamwork, as they respect different opinions.
  • Promoting and practicing the principles of justice, equity, peace, compassion, mercy, and God’s forgiveness.


4. Students who show a responsible stewardship of God’s creation and the resources that He has given to them.

  • Showing appreciation for nature and the environment.
  • Preserving natural resources, making a rational use of them, towards sustainable development.
  • Managing well their time, finances and any other resources at their disposal.
  • Valuing the importance of living a healthy life, practicing physical activities, and cultivating healthy eating habits.


5. Students who value learning as part of their continuous growth.

  • Showing mastery of cognitive, procedural, and behavioral skills of the different areas of knowledge.
  • Possessing study habits, skills, and abilities to investigate, solve problems, and make wise decisions.
  • Enjoying artistic and recreational activities as an important part of their integral development.
  • Working with excellence, offering God the best of the best in everything.
  • Showing knowledge and understanding of historical people, cultures, events, and movements (including the history of the Christian church) recognizing that all of this reflects the sovereignty of God.
  • Valuing and promoting Dominican’s cultural identity and showing respect for other cultures.
  • Communicating orally and in writing with ease and being able to express critical, creative, and reflective thinking.
  • Handling different tools and digital technologies.
  • Showing interest in learning other languages.