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School Tradicional Activities

Spiritual Retreats: It is a time set apart from the school routine to encounter God and experience spiritual renewal. Through this activity, we want to encourage our students and staff to meditate on the Word, have prayer time as we promote a quiet environment for them to enter into the presence of God. Retreats are a fundamental part of achieving the development of Christian character.

During the school year, we planned five retreats, one for each group:

  1. Prekinder to Second grade
  2. Third to Sixth grade
  3. Seventh to Ninth grade
  4. Tenth to Twelfth grade
  5. Staff retreat

Devotional/Chapel: There are times programmed in the school schedule for students to meditate on God’s Word, pray, and worship together. Two to four times a week, each class has a devotional in their classroom with the homeroom teacher, and once a week, students gather in the Chapel by level.

Bible Reading Program. Currently this is a program for students from 3rd to 7th grade, which aims to make a complete reading of the Word of God through the school year that the student remain in school, reinforce reading comprehension, motivate the love for the Bible, and the analysis and application of biblical teachings to daily life.

Sharing our Faith. This is a program that seeks to support non-profit institutions or foundations, by collaborating in different areas where the institution requires it, always focused on the service and the Great Commission. For this, MECS has designed a community service program with diverse activities, so that students of all levels can participate, in order to sensitize them to the needs of different communities and, following the example of Christ, serve. Each visit is an opportunity that is used to share the power of the Gospel to each person and to show the love of Christ in various ways.

Special Praise Time: This activity takes place in the second semester of each school year, where the different grades along with the Music teacher, prepare the praise time of an Elim Ministries service. Through this time all participate work as one body to worship the Lord.

JOY BOX: This activity began in 2011 by the Student Council, where our students from Nido to 3rd grade receive the visit of a group of children from a Christian foundation. During this visit, they spent time in the temple to praise the Lord and then go to their classrooms to spend time together, share games, snacks and finally our students deliver a JOY BOX to each visitor.

The Joy Box is a shoe box decorated by each family, full of supplies, and delivered with much love. The Bible verse that supports this activity is: “I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35 (NKJV)

Spirit Week: At MECS, we encourage the participation and involvement of the school community, thus promoting school spirit, that is that the members of our community feel identified with MECS, through our very own kind of Spirit Week. For us, there is nothing like sports to bring the community together, so we have a week in which students from 9th -12th compete against each other and motivate the school community to cheer for their team: Wildcats, Black Panthers, Cheetahs, and Wolves. The team that wins gets to play the last game against the teaching staff: the MECS’ Sharks. This creates bonds between the older and the younger generation, brings the community together, and encourages creativity as each team has to prepare their own choreography to present during this special week. In the midst of sports, cheers, and choreographies, Spirit Week is the week that all students look forward to during their school year.

School Fairs: Students are encouraged to engage in academic activities that promote research, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. One such activity is our school fairs, in which students delve into a topic in order to present it to the school community. Whether is Literature, History, or Science, our school fairs seek to enrich our academic curriculum and increase our students learning.

Grandparents Day: Grandparents from Nido to 2nd grade are invited every school year to honor and celebrate them with a special program, including performances from students and gifts. This activity is held during the months of october-november.

Seniors Blessing Ceremony: This is a special event held before Seniors graduate from school. It is a special time between the seniors, their parents, and teachers in which we come together to pray and ask for the Lord’s blessing over their lives and their future.

Graduations: A graduation ceremony marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another. It is a way to celebrate the achievements of our students and cheer them on into the next chapter of their lives. Throughout their school life at MECS, a student goes through three graduations: their first one from Preschool to move on to Elementary, the second one from Elementary to move on to Secondary School, and the last one as they graduate from school to move on to University. Each graduation ceremony is most significant and special since each group bears their own uniqueness, but they all help us commemorate God’s faithfulness throughout their school years.

Family Day: Our family day is a special event in which the whole school community gathers for a day of outdoor fun. The school gathers during one whole Saturday to play games, eat, and share each others’ company. This is done with the intention of bringing the community together and promoting that MECS is ONE big family.

Moms United in Prayer: It is a group of mothers from the school community who gather weekly to pray for their children and the needs of the school. Meetings are held every Thursday in the Upper Room of the Elim’s Auditorium from 7:30 a.m. at 8:30 a.m.

Group of Wise Parents (GPS): It is a group of MECS parents, who gather for 9 weeks in small disciples groups to share the biblical principles established in the Word of God, in order to experience paternity according to the heart of God and return to His original plan for us.