How to apply

Below you will find detailed information to guide you through the application process for your student.

Application checklist:

Step 1. Request Information

Please fill out this information request form to receive an email with the information about MI-EL Christian School and the required forms.

Step 2. Start your application

Click here to create an account and begin your online application process. Make sure to click the Apply Now (Create an Account) button. There you will complete the admission application form and attach the following documents:

  • Photocopies of final grades from the previous grade and the current one to date.
  • Letter of Good Conduct from the previous school.
  • Payment Reference Letter from the previous school.
  • Pastoral Reference Letter.

In addition to completing the digital forms, it is necessary that you submit the following documents to the Admissions office:

  • Pastoral Reference Letter for Visitors (if applicable)
  • One (1) recent photo, size 2×2

Step 3. Payment of the Admission Exam

After the admissions officer verifies that all documentation is in order, we will notify you so that you may proceed to pay a RD$2,750 admission exam fee (non refundable.) The receipt of this payment must be given to the Admissions office personally to proceed to schedule the appointment for the evaluation.

Step 4. Psychological and Academic evaluations.

The process includes:

  • School’s psychologist interview with both parents.
  • School’s psychologist interview with the student.
  • Academic evaluation of students.

In a period of 7 working days from the day of the academic evaluation, we will email the results of your application. MI-EL Christian School reserves the right of admission.

Please contact the Admissions office if you have any questions.