There are different requirements to be part of the MECS community:

Requirements for students:

  1. Students with applications from Nido to First grade must be the age that corresponds to their grade by August 31. The admission of students born after the date mentioned above will be considered within a period of no more than 61 days (October 31), as long as the result of the evaluation is higher than expected. In the event that the student passes the admission exam, the parents must sign a Conditionality Agreement that specifies the measures to be taken into account in this type of admission, always for the benefit of their child’s development.
  2. From 2nd grade onwards a specific level of English is required, which is assessed on the day of the admission exam.

Requirements for families:

  1. The family must be an active member of an evangelical Christian church and present a reference letter from the church pastor. The admission of non-evangelical families applying from Nido to 3rd grade will be considered, as long as they visit a church service at “Ministerios Asociados Elim” and receive a pastoral reference letter for visitors signed by one of the pastors. (This letter must be submitted in the Admissions Office).In the case of non-evangelical families applying from 4th to 6th grade, they must submit a Letter of Recommendation from a school family or from an active member of “Ministerios Asociados Elim”, as well as a signed pastoral reference letter for visitors by one of the church pastors, after visiting one of their services.
  2. Other cases will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Requirements for International families:

At the request of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic, all international students must deposit copies of their transcripts from their last completed grade , as well as an original birth certificate. These documents must be apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin. If the documents are not in Spanish, they must be translated by an authorized legal translator. Subsequently, they must be validated by the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic in the Validation Department, who will give the family an enrollment authorization. This authorization must be deposited in the Admissions Department of MI-EL Christian School.

* Note: The student’s file must be complete in order to schedule the admission exam date.