Our History

MI-EL Christian School (MECS) is a private, Christian evangelical, and non-profit institution, developed as an extension of the Church of Christ Elim Ministries in the Dominican Republic.  It was founded in September 2000, after a long waiting period and preparation in the Lord, when pastor Ortiz together with his wife Walesca Ortiz, had the vision of raising up new generations of students strengthened through the principles of Biblical Truth, and thereby producing living testimonies of Jesus Christ in this society and unto the entire world.

>The school began its first year in the MI-EL Church facilities, with a total of 33 students in Nursery to 4th grade, with the vision of adding a new grade level with each passing year.  In 2002, the Lord provided an opportunity to purchase the church’s adjacent property to be used as the new school’s premises. At the same time that the design of the new Temple was in process, the school’s plans were drafted to construct an academic facility that would meet the requirements of a modern educational institution. 

During 2002-2003, the school received its formal approval from the Secretary of Education, and that same year the first 6th grade graduation was held with only two students.  In 2004, the Secretary of Education conducted an evaluation of all private schools with the intention of classifying them. MI-EL School received an “excellent” rating in this evaluation. 

In May, 2005 the Educational School Project was created with the aim of defining the organizational structure, the vision and mission of the institution.  Beginning in the 2006-2007 school year, through the use of a diagnostic model, an English Immersion Program was adopted. A strategic plan was implemented calling for the initiation of the full English immersion status within three years.  This resulted in the modification of the school’s name and logo, which officially changed to MI-EL Christian School.

In September, 2008 the school formally began the accreditation process to become a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), receiving its accreditation in July, 2013.