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To enable a comprehensive and excellent formation based on the Word of God and oriented toward developing leaders.

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To be recognized as a Christian educational institution committed to the formation of global citizens who show love for God and others, exercising transformational leadership.


  1. Love God and His Word: We love God above all else and his word is the infallible truth and source of all wisdom. (Deut. 6:5-6; Psalms 119:97)<>
  2. Respect: We are obedient and are subject to God and those in authority (Ecl. 5:8). We work as a team to live in harmony with ourselves and with our fellow brothers and sisters (Ephesians 4:2; Romans 12:18).
  3. Faithfulness: We encourage commitment and loyalty to God and to everything we do (1 Timothy 1:12).
  4. Justice: We act in righteousness and truth, showing honesty, equality and equity towards others (Psalm 85:10).
  5. Excellence: We use the talents and gifts given to us by God, serving him with responsibility and creativity, offering him our very best. (Colossians 3:23-24).


Our philosophy is based on a biblical, Christcentric worldview which emphasizes that education must guide and instruct the human being in the path of the Lord since infancy. We believe that the Bible is the infinite source of knowledge, and its principles are essential and fundamental in the holistic development and shaping of our students. Furthermore, we believe that salvation is personal and that every human being, from infancy, should acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour of his/her life, guided and instructed by the Holy Spirit, who gives us the ability to live in conformity with God’s will.

At MECS we are committed to academic excellence, promoting the integral development of students, through experiences that maximize the harmonious development of their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional capacities. We acknowledge that each person is different, therefore we respect and value our students’ individuality and talents, and always strive to help them develop to their fullest potential, motivating them to give their very best.

At our school, we foster an active teaching/learning process where students participate and construct their own knowledge with the support and guidance of their teachers. We consider our school as a space to shape Christian citizens who will become community leaders, by sharing the Word of God as the source of Eternal Life with our country and with other nations.

At MECS, parents and the local church they belong to, play an important role in their children’s formation. We strive to collaborate with the development, instruction and education of our students, promoting parental participation in all the activities we perform. Together, as a team, we must seek a holistic development in our students, based on the Word of God.

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