Who we are


To enable a comprehensive and excellent formation based on the Word of God and oriented toward developing leaders.


To be recognized as a Christian educational institution committed to the formation of global citizens who show love for God and others, exercising transformational leadership.


  1. Love God and His Word: We love God above all else and his word is the infallible truth and source of all wisdom. (Deut. 6:5-6; Psalms 119:97)<>
  2. Respect: We are obedient and are subject to God and those in authority (Ecl. 5:8). We work as a team to live in harmony with ourselves and with our fellow brothers and sisters (Ephesians 4:2; Romans 12:18).
  3. Faithfulness: We encourage commitment and loyalty to God and to everything we do (1 Timothy 1:12).
  4. Justice: We act in righteousness and truth, showing honesty, equality and equity towards others (Psalm 85:10).
  5. Excellence: We use the talents and gifts given to us by God, serving him with responsibility and creativity, offering him our very best. (Colossians 3:23-24).


Our philosophy is based on a biblical and Christ-centered worldview that understands that education must guide human beings and instruct them on the way they should go from an early age. The main function of a Christian education is to lead students to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, being guided by the Holy Spirit who gives us the ability to live in accordance to God’s will.

We consider that the school is a space for the formation of transformational leaders and global citizens who transcend their culture, country, and language, as the Word of God tells us in Mark 16:15. That is why at MECS we are committed to an excellent and integral education by designing learning experiences, using appropriate resources in a favorable environment to greatly encourage the harmonious development of students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional abilities.

We believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and therefore the infinite source of knowledge, its principles are the main and fundamental contents in the formation of the student body. Based on these principles, we promote and guarantee equal opportunities between women and men, boys and girls through all educational work, and in how parents and users are treated; creating awareness and seeking that all would respect the non-discrimination of gender and ethnicity in accordance with our policy of Non-discrimination and / or the Institution’s Declaration of faith (Galatians 3:28).

From Scriptures we regard students as integral human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, in need of redemption from their fallen condition. This redemption primarily comes from knowing Christ, but it also comes with the correct knowledge, from a biblical worldview, of the world in which they live in. God has given each one gifts and talents to carry out His purpose and be a blessing to their neighbor. Therefore, we recognize that students are unique, with particular interests and needs, thirsty to learn and discover. For this reason, we respect and value their individuality, taking into account the stage of development in which they are in.

At MECS, we understand that learning is a social and collaborative process, in which knowledge is built through the development of human competencies and values ​​that foster students’ integral growth. We promote an active teaching process, oriented to the development of critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, problem solving, among other competences, where students participate in the construction of knowledge with the support and guidance of teachers and through their interactions with their peers and environment.

For these purposes, our curriculum acts as the framework upon which the educational processes are built, focused on achieving effective learning of cognitive, procedural, and behavioral contents. As the curriculum’s essence, it is deeply integrated with a biblical worldview at the foundation of its concepts and topics.

To complement and enrich instruction, we use appropriate materials and resources in accordance with the area of ​​knowledge, allowing students to take the responsibility of using and caring for them as tools in their learning process. We use manipulatives, printed, and digital resources, as well as various sources of information that provide students with a global vision of the contents to be mastered.

Teachers, as the authority delegated by God, are the instruments that support and guide the curriculum’s implementation and students’ integral development . We believe that teachers should be born-again Christians who bear witness of Jesus Christ in their lives, possess a competent academic background, and are committed to their spiritual, personal, and professional growth.

For MECS, parents play an important role in the formation of their children, as does the local church to which the family belongs to. We encourage the participation of parents and the community in the activities we offer, collaborating in students’ educational process to promote their full development according to the Word of God.

Through its different actors (student, teaching team, leadership and parents), the entire formative process has the purpose of carrying out the mission and vision of developing transformational leaders who show love for God and their neighbor.

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