How important is it to give priority to family time? If you don´t do so, you will never regain the special moments you missed, a ball game, a family reunion, you name it.

If you are looking for ways to create memorable moments that you and your children will always cherish, here are some ideas:

Be spontaneous. Get home with a fun plan for the whole family without previous notice. It can be a bike ride or a family outing. It may even be going together for dinner in order to save mom from having to cook and help create a memory.

Ask for suggestions. Place a box in the kitchen, and ask each family member to suggest what you can do together as a family. Whoever wrote the chosen card becomes the activity leader.

Remember. Make popcorn, group on a couch and talk about your childhood. Children love their parents to tell them about their first car or their favorite sport. Tell them about past holidays or what you used to wear when you were their age.

Reaffirm one another. Tell your children how much you love them and value their contribution to the family. Also let them hear about your love for your spouse. They may roll their eyes, but they won´t forget the love you have for each other.

You can create quality time for your family if you put some thought to the matter. Choose to do it, then, do it consistently.