MECS Graduate Profile

MECS works to guarantee global citizen with love for God, academic excellence, researcher of his own work, logical thinking, critical and creative, ethical, and with a broad personal and spiritual development, capable of solving problems that impact on environmental health, and the community.

Focus areas


  1. Students who have God and His Word as a priority in their lives, have found their identity in Christ, and are committed to cultivating a personal relationship with Him.
  2. Students who judge everything in light of the Scriptures, and apply a Biblical perspective to all aspects of life.
  3. Students who learn to relate to people of different convictions or beliefs, prepared to present defense of their faith with meekness and reverence when necessary.
  4. Students who comprehend and understand that all truth is the truth of God and is present in every academic, relational and practical aspect of life.
  5. Students who correctly interpret the Word of God using Biblical study tools.
  6. Students who recognize the value of the Great Commission and their role in it, testifying of Christ and serving others, as a way to gain them for Christ.
  7. Students who exhibit actions and attitudes aligned to a good testimony of them and of educational research.
  8. Students who value and practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Biblical reading, meditation on it, giving, service, personal devotional time and memorization of verses.


  1. Students with study habits and skills to investigate, solve problems and make wise decisions that make positive contributions to the community and the world.
  2. Students with ease of expression, both oral and written; able to express critical, creative and reflective thinking.
  3. Students who demonstrate skills and attitudes in all academic disciplines and in technology.
  4. Students with knowledge of several languages and their culture; able to visualize the world as a favorable field for the expansion of the Gospel.
  5. Students who possess knowledge and understanding about the towns, events, historical movements (including the history of the Christian church) and the cultures of other peoples and places, recognizing that all this reflects the Sovereignty of God.
  6. Students who understand the principles of creationism and have an appreciation of the physical and biological sciences, as well as the scientific method in light of the Word.
  7. Students who take advantage of opportunity, through elective classes and extra-curricular activities, to explore their interests, expand their knowledge and skills within the learning process.
  8. Students who incorporate into their practical life the value of learning for continuous growth.


  1. Students who understand the value of each human being, male and female as God’s creation, without discriminating by gender or race.
  2. Students who accept themselves as unique individuals, created in the image and likeness of God.
  3. Students able to face wisely the difficulties and situations that are presented to them.
  4. Students who understand the dignity of work as an expression of God’s nature.
  5. Students who stand out for their ethics in knowing how to live with others, obey and respect the authorities, recognizing that all authority has been placed by God.
  6. Students who cultivate friendships with people of good testimony.
  7. Students who profess an assertive communication, always tell the truth, are reliable and communicate with appropriate words and actions.
  8. Students who know how to work as a team, practicing cooperation, peace, compassion, mercy and God’s forgiveness through their own actions.


  1. Students who consider and treat their body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, keeping themselves in purity and holiness, as a result of a life in obedience to God.
  2. Students who value the importance of leading a healthy life, practicing physical activities and cultivating clean eating habits.

Stewardship and Leadership

  1. Students who use their talents to glorify the name of God, as global citizens.
  2. Students who manage well their time, finances and any other resource at their disposal.
  3. Entrepreneurial students who, through their leadership, propitiate changes that positively impact their environment, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Students actively involved service to God and others in their churches.
  5. Students who show appreciation for nature and the environment, practicing a responsible stewardship of God’s creation.
  6. Students who work with excellence, offering God the best of the best in everything.