On November 8th & 9th, 2021, MI-EL Christian School celebrated a Recognition ceremony for K-12 students for achieving the highest scores on the Fall MAP tests. The ceremony was held at Elim’s Auditorium, during the weekly devotional of each level. The highest score of each grade were:

Kinder A: Amanda Isabel Díaz Ortega (Math) & Annelisse Paola Terrero Veras (Reading).

Kinder B: Mía Valentina Lorenzo Santiago (Math) & Ana Laura Gómez Santana (Reading)

1st A: Eric Fernando De la Mota Gonzalez  (Math & Reading)

1st B:  Lucas Alejandro Torres (Math) & Miranda Rodriguez Gallardo (Reading)

2nd A: Emil Armando Armada Conde (Math) & Laura Mabel Guerrero Gil (Reading)

2nd B: Natalia Jimenez Lantigua (Math) & Abril Victoria Aquino Espinosa (Reading)

3rd A: Sebastian Sadi Velez De La Rocha (Math) & Lucas Batista Acosta (Reading & Language)

3rd B: Ian Willmore Rojas (Math, Reading & Language)

4th A: Tianna Marie Tejeda Abreu (Math), Claudia Isabel Suarez Benitez (Reading & Language)

4th B: Jose Paul Dunker Cabreja (Math) & Miranda Sophia Paulino Hedeman (Reading & Language)

5th A: Gadiel Jimenez Lantigua (Math) &  Ian Rhony Ramos Lachapel (Reading & Language)

5th B: Ali Fidaali Mithiborwala Mora (Math), Manuel Eduardo Morales Bracho (Reading) & Beatriz Esther Kelner Ubilla (Language)

6th A: Valentino Emmanuel Vicos Luna (Math, Reading & Language)

6th B: Daniella Lynete Martinez Morillo (Math) & Isabella Perez Guerrero (Reading & Language)

7th A:  Brian Guzmán NG (Math), Sophia Urena Ortiz (Reading) & Lucia Isabel Carrasco Knipping (Language)

7th B: Alejandro Jose Perez Inoa (Math, Reading) & Amy Liz Queliz Hache (Language)

8th A: Gabriella Sofía Fulcar Ubiera (Math),  Isabel Eranny Luna Roa (Reading) & Sofia Batista Acosta (Language)

8th B: Jose Maria Cabrera Mella (Math) & Adrian Manuel Duarte Perdomo (Reading & Language)

9th A:  Diego Arturo Dominguez Mateo (Math & Language) & Mia Willmore Rojas (Reading)

9th B:   Anabelle Patricia Madera Tineo (Math), Abigail Desire Diaz Diaz (Reading) & Valeria Orbe De la Rosa (Language)

10th: Fausto Montogomery Reyes Baez (Math) & Charlenne Josefina Sanchez Cuello (Reading & Language)

11th: Andrea Catalina Lugo Villadiego (Math, Reading & Language)

12th: Maria Fernanda Trujillo Medrano (Math, Reading & Language)

MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is an adaptive test which helps teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students and assist them in making informed decisions that promote a child’s individual academic growth. All students in grades K-12th were tested in the areas of Reading and Math and from 3rd grade onwards, students were also tested in Language Usage. We remind our community that hese tests have no direct impact on our students’ academic performance.

Congratulations to all of our deserving students!