Post by Mrs. Theresa Blash | Secondary School Coordinator

Did you know that experts recommend that university students spend approximately three (3) hours studying outside of class for each (1) hour of class? While this study time may include some homework, homework is not the only task students are expected to complete. Just like adults with exquisite work habits stand apart from their colleagues in a job setting, students that develop these vital study skills are quickly set apart from their peers in an educational setting.

Athletes do not only exercise their sport on game day. They spend time training, practicing and perfecting their skills. In fact, good athletes include nutrition and other lifestyle decisions in their conditioning. Students should be no different. Star students develop a love for learning, go above and beyond assigned classwork and challenge themselves as lifelong learners.

The following are a few tips to help MECS students become MECS stars…and then global stars. We want to help you to develop the study skills necessary to be more than successful; we want to help you to stand apart from other students no matter where you find yourselves in the future.


Organize your time

One of the greatest challenges that students face is a lack of time management. This can cause increased stress when the assignments start to pile up.

    1. Make use of an agenda, either paper or digital. As a part of your school Google Suite, you have the Google Calendar. Use this to schedule specific activities.
    2. Plan a time to study every subject during the week. Even if no homework is assigned, you will already have the time set apart in your schedule.
    3. Identify projects of interest and plan a time to work on them. Homework should only take a certain amount of time. What do you do with the rest of your time? Are you involved in extracurricular activities? Do you have any hobbies? Are you researching university options?
    4. Complete your classwork in class. Your afternoons will be smoother if you take complete advantage of the class time. If the classwork is overwhelming and impossible to do in the allotted class time, talk to your teacher and let him or her know.



Soon you will be expected to read your textbook and other materials in addition to any assigned homework. Start that habit now! Read your textbook. Read a book for pleasure. If you learn now to love to read, you will always love to learn!

Read it again

Why do you take notes in class? Yes, writing your notes helps you learn the concept. However, star students re-read their notes after class as a study technique.


Work ahead

Due dates are truly the last day that you should be submitting work. It is 100% acceptable to submit work before the assigned due dates. In fact, this will give you the opportunity to request feedback from your instructors and potentially make corrections if needed.


Memorize Scripture

There are several benefits to memorizing Scripture that few people know. In addition to learning more about the Word of God, you will find yourself with more clarity. With a sharper mind, there are no limits to what you can learn academically. Click here for some Scripture memorization techniques.


Value your rest

Sleep deprivation can easily cause us to say and do things that are out of character. We can easily mistreat our classmates, teachers, parents, siblings, etc., without meaning to do so. On the other hand, getting good rest will help us to maintain positive attitudes and to have a clear mind during the day.

Our mission at MI-EL Christian School is to enable a comprehensive and excellent formation based on the Word of God and oriented toward developing leaders. Leaders must have good work habits. Student leaders start by developing positive study habits. If you need help getting started, ask your parents, teachers or your coordinator. This takes time, so let’s start now!


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